Play with your business data

Median is data analysis tool for MixPanel, Google Analytics, App Stores and many more.

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One click integration with the services you use

Connecting a new service is as simple as typing your credentials (through safe Oauth form) and selecting which datasets you will use. No CSVs, no spreadsheets, no SQL.

Explore on the canvas

It’s like a drawing editor, but for your data. Drag charts around, resize them, clone them, merge them. Visual exploration is the best way to understand your business.

Your personal data scientist

Median can do most common tasks you might need, and it’s becoming smarter with every release. Just use its inspector to configure how you want to see your data.

  • Filtering, grouping

    Narrow down your selection or break up your chart by dimension. Just a few clicks.
  • Merging charts

    Take any two charts and merge them into one to compare & look for correlation.
  • Moving averages

    Soften edges in your chart by applying moving average, and see trends in your data.

Dashboard is back

Remember those weather widgets? Well we heard it’s going to be raining dollars this week. Put your favorite charts right on your desktop and always keep track of what’s happening with your business.

Download the beta

Median is free in beta. There is no registration involved. All of your information is stored on your machine, passwords safely in your keychain.

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